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Five Big Steps To A Successful Business Sale


Selling your business is one of the most important business decisions you may ever undertake.

Before calling a business broker you need to obtain current copies of the listed documents. This one single step is probably the second most important because it will tell you how to price your business realistically, so that the business will sell quickly and you get your asking price. The first most important step is to select Number One Business Brokers.

Document collection includes:

  • Profit and Loss Statements
  • Current Balance Sheet
  • Federal Tax Returns
  • Equipment Inventory
  • Current Accounts Receivable
  • Outstanding Loan Documents
  • Equipment Leases
  • Contracts
  • List of Current Supply Vendors
  • Personnel and Labor Contracts
  • List of all Creditors
  • Disclosure of Legal Actions
  • Bank Statement

All of the decisions you make to sell your business will be based upon the above documents and is the only way to establish 'Fair Market Value!'


The broker you select to become part of your marketing team must bring with them all the skills necessary to help you sell your business quickly, efficiently, and for the value you have built into it.

Number One Business Brokers have been representing business sellers and buyers since 1982. They have the knowledge gained through experience, necessary to facilitate a smooth transaction. It is our responsibility to ease sellers and buyers over the various stumbling blocks and pitfalls that can stall or stop the sale altogether. Confidentiality is our first priority!


It takes a unique combination of marketing, advertising, and promotional skills to find a prospective buyer. Once a buyer is found, Number One Business Brokers, through a thorough screening process identifies serious buyers, who are ready, willing, and able to buy. This saves you the seller time and energy, and insures that you see realistic buyers. If there are things that the seller must do, whether it's fixing a leasing problem or simply needing some creative suggestions, we'll let you know. We do whatever it takes, including knowing when to stop and go on to another buyer.


Today's economy demands special financial arrangements in most cases to close the sale. The finance knowledge that we possess can mean the difference between selling a business or being business poor.

We bring order, common sense, and experience to the entire closing process, from the seller to the buyer, lenders, and escrow companies. The Number One Business Broker's strategy works. It's up to you. We're just a phone call away from helping you get the value you have built into your business. Put our strategies to work for you. We're ready to talk business any time you are.


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